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What is general insurance?

General insurance refers to any non-life insurance product. It is a contract between the insurance company and you wherein the former agrees to cover or compensate for certain unfortunate events. In exchange for this cover, you pay a yearly amount known as a premium. General insurance is of various kinds and some of the more popular types of general insurance in India have been stated and detailed below:

Type of General Insurance

Motor insurance: 

This type of general insurance policy offers to cover your car or bike against the perils of the road. Within motor insurance there are two types of plans – third party insurance & comprehensive insurance. Third party plans are the most basic form of motor insurance and are mandatory to ply your vehicle on Indian roads. These plans only compensate the losses of a third party that you injure or bring damage to in an accident that’s your fault. Comprehensive plans on the other hand offer cover for damages occurring to your vehicle as well. Besides for third party & own damage cover, they also cover theft and damages or total loss due to natural and manmade calamities.

Health insurance

Health insurance plans offer to cover or reimburse the cost of medical care in case you fall sick. These plans are vital to combat the ever increasing cost of healthcare in India. There are many types of health insurance but the two main ones are individual and family health insurance.

Home insurance

Home insurance covers your home, which is one your most important assets, from unfortunate events that can damage or totally destroy it. These plans also cover the contents of your home.

Travel insurance

A lot can go wrong when you travel, especially when it’s to an overseas destination. Travel insurance offers to cover the financial cost of these mishaps to ensure your travel plans don’t take much of a hit and you are brought back home safe.

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